The Second Zurmang Gharwang

Joden Lodro Drakpa

The second Zurmang Gharwang Tulku was known as Joden Lodro Drakpa. He was the grandson of Trung Mase, born eight years after the demise of the First Gharwang.

He received strenuous religious training from the distinguished yogi disciples of the First Gharwang Tulku, many of whom had attained siddhis. He was initiated into the sacred Cakrasamvara Dance by Tartse Junmo, the dakini consort of the late Trung Mase. Until this day, the practice of the Cakrasamvara Dance is still an important tradition of Zurmang.

As the spiritual community grew, the Second Gharwang Tulku endeavored to fulfill the aspirations of his followers by building many more retreat huts on the hillsides. He also initiated the construction of a large assembly hall known as Trungsema where the sangha could congregate to do their practice.

When the Sixth Gyalwa Karmapa Tongwa Donden visited Zurmang to consecrate the Dechen tse Retreat Center, he was so delighted with the excellent progress that he imparted innumerable important teachings of the Karma Kamtsang Tradition to the Second Gharwang.

During the major part of his life, spanning a total of twenty years, the Second Gharwang Tulku spent long periods in meditation. He was known to be a most vigorous practitioner. It was with a steely determination that he declared, “May the mountains be my witness, until there is fruition to my practice, I will not venture beyond them.”

As he was known to have observed his precepts purely, by the profound power of his stainless morality, the gods were so delighted in seeing his glorious silhouette on the desolate mountains that they brought him nectar for his sustenance, thus he had no need for the food of common man.

As an illustration of his mastery over the practice of Tummo, he once went to the top of a snowy mountain clad only in a thin cotton robe, and meditated continuously for three days in the freezing cold of winter.

The Second Gharwang was also a consummate scholar and brilliant philosopher. Untiringly, he compiled the entire teachings of Trung Mase into a single volume, and composed many practical guides to advanced texts. He was considered the foremost spiritual master of the time, and people came from far and wide to hear him teach, as well as to receive blessings from him.

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