The Third Zurmang Gharwang

3 Nangso Pema Lodro...

The Third Gharwang Tulku on the golden rosary of the Zurmang Kagyud Tradition was known as Nangso Pema Lodro. His main teacher was the Seventh Gyalwa Karmapa, Chos Trag Gyamtso, and the Second Gyaltsab Tulku, Tashi Namgyal.

He was a brilliant scholar and practitioner. He studied and practiced to perfection the various treaties of the Sutras and Tantras; in particular, the yidam practice of Jyorwa Shi Khagyor and Drolsungma. He was so adept in his meditation, that he was able to have a clear vision of his Tutelary deities.

The Third Gharwang Tulku was also known to be an excellent artist and fine sculptor. In his life time, he crafted many wonderful Buddha images in the Zurmang Complex of Monasteries; including the legendary golden statue of Dorje Chang that allegedly gave teaching.

He was also largely responsible for the majority of frescoes and thangkas existing in Zurmang at the time. Unfortunately, a great many of these treasures were lost or destroyed over the long, turbulent years.

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