10 Day Puja Completed

Beginning February 2, 2021, Gharwang Rinpoche presided over a ten-day ceremony at Zurmang Monastery in Sikkim. The ceremony included the practices of the four main deities Gyaldu (Guru Rinpoche in the peaceful form), Trorol (Guru Rinpoche in the wrathful form), Vajrayogini, and Mahakala Lhachen, together with many other deities.

The practice of Trorol, discovered by the Zurmang terton Rolpay Dorje, is a unique wrathful manifestation of Guru Rinpoche, which is now practiced in many parts of Kham. We will undertake this Trorol ceremony for the purpose of removing obstacles and bringing about favorable conditions, happiness, success, prosperity, and longevity for practitioners and all beings. We will dedicate the merit of this practice to peace and harmony in the world, to freedom from disease for all those suffering from the global pandemic, and ultimately to the liberation of all sentient beings.

This occasion was very special since we conducted the ceremony on the second floor of the monastery temple before statues of the Zurmang lineage gurus. As you can see in the photos, the three main statues are Vajradhara in the center, His Holiness the Fifth Karmapa on the left, and Trungmase on the right. This is our first time conducting this ceremony here, as we are presently doing renovations to the main hall. We are dedicating our prayers for the happiness, health, longevity, and prosperity of everyone.