A Brief History of Zurmang Kagyu

H.E. the 12th Zurmang Gharwang gives a short account of the history of Zurmang Kagyu.

H.E. Gharwang Rinpoche explains how the Zurmang Whispered Lineage can be traced back to Tilopa who received the instructions of Vajradhara from a wisdom dakini. Rinpoche explains how this teaching was passed down one to one until the 5th Karmapa. Rinpoche tells of the meeting of the 5th Karmapa and Trugn Mase. Trung Mase saw the 5th Karmapa as Manjusrhi and the 5th Karmapa saw Trung Mase as an emanation of Tilopa. Trung Mase, the first Gharwang Tulku, started the Zurmang lineage and since then this whispered lineage flourished.

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