Zurmang Nunnery Retreat Site

In Zurmang there is a hill known as the Glorious Copper Colored Mountain (ཟངས་མདོག་དཔལ་རི) and it is considered a site connected with Padmasambhava’s pure land. This is an important place for Zurmang nuns to come and engage in retreat.

Zurmang Nunnery Retreat Site

According to the oral tradition, when the Third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje, visited this site he had visions of Avalokiteshvara and he gave the site its name, declaring that there is no difference between this site and Guru Rinpoche’s pure land, the Glorious Copper Colored Mountain. On this holy mountain there are caves with self-arisen images of Tara, Avalokiteshvara, Mahakala, one cave with self-arisen nectar of immortality associated with Yeshe Tsogyal, as well as a self-arisen stupa.

A dakini told the master Pema Namgyal that doing a small circumambulation of this holy mountain is equivalent in merit to reciting one million Guru Rinpoche mantras, while doing a larger circumambulation is equivalent in merit to circumambulating Mt. Kailash. It was also said that one day of retreat here receives the benefits of one hundred days of retreat elsewhere.

Zurmang Nunnery Retreat Site 2

This June, construction will begin for a new temple in the image of Padmasambhava’s mandala.

Zurmang Nunnery Retreat Site 4

Zurmang Nunnery Retreat Site 3

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